Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Watch Your Step!

Ryte, this is what I love the most. Couple of years ago, the school's principal, my friend Andrew and I went for a walk outside school to bust those who are "not going inside school" or "going to go to school but not so soon" kinda people. Kinda cool experience for me to see students sitting beside drains while having a puff. As a prefect and also a photographer, I was invited to take some shots. Right behind the school there's this so called haunted and abandon house. The principal told me he just saw someone inside there running in school uniform, so he decided to go in. It was kinda freaky. Inside, I took a couple of shots but most of them were not good including this one. It was not clear at all. I was actually affraid to take more shots because I was affraid something else might turn up inside the preview screen. Wonder why... I still have some other shots, but its not good.