Thursday, August 03, 2006

Inside Musée du Louvre - Paris

Some people trying to be funny...well yea, it was funny actually!

No photography inside no pics of painting...well if u wanna see what kinda paintings they have in there, click here and have fun! No photography inside is because of some NOOB/MORONS who just don't seem to understand the meaning of "NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY" they just had to change it to "NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED" now...Thanks to them, i cant take any shots inside. Wasted a couple of hundred ringgit for nuts!

Flash will actually effect the painting...thats why they say no flash photography...if u wanna take a pic of my painting with flash or with ur super-duper-massive-BOOM-I-cannot-see-anymore kinda spot lights, go a head...I dont mind...but NOT on the Monalisa la...! Took me years to paint that u know...think easy ah?